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New Cookie Molds and Mini Desserts

The mice and I are working on a new tutorial eBook focused on teeny tiny desserts! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the sweets you’ll learn how to make: I’ll also be releasing a few new molds: unicorn cookies, four new bunny cookie designs, and animal cookies (for making the pink-and-white frosted animal cookies). […]

March 26, 2020 Uncategorized

DIY Tiny Tiled Flooring

For this project, you’ll need to make or obtain a box for your room. If you have basic woodworking skills (or you’re willing to learn them for the sake of minis), you can do this with a minimum amount of tools and skills.  My method of choice is making pocket holes, which allow you to […]

November 24, 2019 Uncategorized

Free Tutorial: Miniature Rice Krispy Treats

In today’s post, I want to show you how to make two variations of miniature Rice Krispy treats: classic and rainbow. Quick note: For those of you have been following the Mouse for awhile, you might know that I had originally intended this tutorial to be part of a new tutorial book. The short version: […]

September 25, 2019 Uncategorized

Colorful (Tiny) Ice Cream

Holy moly, it’s good to finally be catching up on Mouse work. If you’re on my newsletter, you may have heard me talking about an advanced bodywork training I’d been doing for my other business, Life Alchemy Massage Therapy. The training was nine months and had me traveling back and forth from Missouri to Maine […]

July 17, 2019 Uncategorized

Miniature Chocolates Box: Free Tutorial and Printable

I’ve been in a serious Valentine’s mood lately, so I made a batch of brand new cookie molds, along with an updated miniature chocolates mold. Below, I show you how to mix clay colors for the chocolates, and you can download a free printable for the cute little box. First, the cookie molds. You can […]

February 1, 2018 Uncategorized

The Sugar Sale: Save 20% on Miniature Food Tutorials

If your dolls are having major sugar cravings, you’re in luck. Now through Sunday at midnight (June 19, CST) all of my sugary miniature tutorials are 20% off. To get your discount, use coupon code SUGAR20 at checkout. The coupon is valid on the following titles: Building a Miniature Ice Cream Parlor and Bakery How […]

July 16, 2015 Uncategorized

New Book: Dollhouse Miniature Food, the Leftover Edition

The mice and I have been hard at work, finishing up all of the dishes for my upcoming mini food tutorial eBook. If you’ve missed earlier posts, this book is all about summer food that’s already been munched on: fried chicken with the bone exposed, bitten-into s’mores, half-eaten burgers, you name it. The book will […]

June 16, 2015 Uncategorized

How to Make Polymer Clay Popcorn

I recently finished a custom order for life-sized chocolate-covered popcorn, and I snapped photos while I worked to show you how to make your own. To start, mix up a batch of clay made from one part white to two parts translucent. Roll out irregularly shaped balls to form the base of the popcorn pieces. Next, […]

March 11, 2015 Uncategorized

More Food Jewelry: Falafel, Tacos and More Tiny Food!

Holiday shopping has already begun, and I’ve been sculpting like a madwoman to restock the food jewelry in my shop. I have some brand new pieces that I want to show you, a few of which have already sold out, but I’ll be making them again ASAP! (You can also contact me for custom orders.) […]

October 31, 2014 Uncategorized
dollhouse miniature bakery room box by The Mouse Market

Building a Miniature Ice Cream Parlor and Bakery Room Box

Many of you have downloaded your copy of the brand new tutorial book, Building a Miniature Ice Cream Parlor and Bakery (thank you!), but if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, I want to show you a bunch of cute pictures from the book. I also have details on the miniatures used in the bakery, which […]

October 15, 2014 Uncategorized
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