This week marks the first stretch of non-billion-degree days here in Missouri. It’s glorious. I know there’s still plenty of time for boiling weather, but today it feels like fall, and I’m in heaven.

Yesterday’s Tiny Food Wednesday was all about harvest-themed baked goods, and I filled an entire dessert tower with miniature sweets. Yum!

(And if you missed my last email, Tiny Food Wednesday is a new creative practice I’m test driving: an entire day when I get to sculpt whatever I please, and so far I’m loving it.)

I spent about 20 hunger-inducing minutes on Pinterest, mapping out what I wanted to sculpt for each tier. Here’s what I came up with…

I made the apple cider donut loaf first, sculpting each tiny slice with realistic, moist crumbs.

The cinnamon coffee cake was up next, and I made sure to lace a ribbon of cinnamon sugar through the “dough.”

I wish I could show you progress pics of the rest, but I got totally lost in the sculpting flow and forgot to take any, so…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have two OOAK pieces available, the first being the filled dessert tower.

By default the pieces are loose, so you can arrange them however you please, but if you’d like me to glue them in place as shown, just allow an extra day prior to shipping for the glue to cure.

The second piece is an assortment of harvest sweets.

You’ll get a slice of the apple cider donut loaf, a piece of cinnamon crumble coffee cake, a maple nut scone, and two pumpkin spice donut holes, one with a tiny bite missing. (Plate and cutting board not included.)

Happy fall!