The mice and I have been hard at work, finishing up all of the dishes for my upcoming mini food tutorial eBook. If you’ve missed earlier posts, this book is all about summer food that’s already been munched on: fried chicken with the bone exposed, bitten-into s’mores, half-eaten burgers, you name it.

The book will be available in a couple weeks (probably less), so be sure to get on my mailing list to receive an email as soon as it releases.

For now, here’s a sneak peek at the foods you’ll know how to make once you get your copy of the book.

Dollhouse miniature food by The Mouse Market

Learn how to make paper cups of soda with ice, all handmade, in Building a Pizza Parlor Diorama.

Polymer clay food by The Mouse Market

burgerClose Dollhouse miniature summer foods by The Mouse Market burgerSideView

Dollhouse miniature drumstick by The Mouse Market

Dollhouse miniature s'mores by The Mouse Market Polymer clay s'mores by The Mouse Market

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