The mice and I don’t want your dolls waking up hungry, so we’ve created a new mold for making tiny cereal in the style of Froot Loops and Cheerios. Here I’ll be showing how to make Froot Loops, but you can swap out a light tan clay if you’re making Cheerios.

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No matter which colors of clay you’re using, mix each color with translucent clay in a ratio of one part translucent to two parts colored clay. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Roll out small balls of your cereal clay and press them into the mold to create the O shape. You can bake the clay right in the mold, or flex the mold to release the clay, repeating until you have the desired number of pieces.

Press a chunk of white clay into the bottom of your dollhouse bowl to cut down on the amount of “milk” needed to fill the bowl (and to give your cereal pieces a support, so they don’t sink to the bottom).

Prepare your milk by mixing equal parts white liquid clay and translucent liquid clay, stirring them thoroughly to ensure there aren’t any streaks. Transfer the milk to the bowl by the dropful using a toothpick.

Dab the end of a needle tool into liquid translucent clay, and use it to pick up pieces of cereal, transferring them to your bowl, arranging them however you like.

You can take a dollhouse spoon, add a dab of milk, and arrange a piece or two of cereal in it for a super-cute touch!

Bake the bowl and spoon in a preheated oven on a ceramic baking tile. Take the spoon out after five minutes, but bake the bowl for a full ten minutes and let cool.

Optional: Dab a small paintbrush in white craft paint, pouncing most of the paint off on a piece of scratch paper, then speckle the cereal pieces to create the appearance of powdered sugar.

Brush glossy polymer clay varnish on the milk portions only and let dry. Et voilà–breakfast of (tiny) champions!

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