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I’m closing down part of my shop!

Here’s why: Have you ever gotten so stuck on doing things a particular way, such that, even though it’s totally not working, it doesn’t even occur to you to try something else? Guilty! The bulk of my business happens over in my Etsy shop, but I also have an entire website that isn’t cheap to operate. For years, […]

January 5, 2024 Uncategorized

Dollhouse Baked Goods for Fall

This week marks the first stretch of non-billion-degree days here in Missouri. It’s glorious. I know there’s still plenty of time for boiling weather, but today it feels like fall, and I’m in heaven. Yesterday’s Tiny Food Wednesday was all about harvest-themed baked goods, and I filled an entire dessert tower with miniature sweets. Yum! […]

Mythical Creatures Cookies for Dolls [Tutorial]

Today I have a quick and easy tutorial for frosted cookies! First off, you can get the cookie mold here, in either 1:12 scale or 1:6 scale. You can now get all three styles of frosted animal cookie molds together in a discounted set! Get the 1:12 scale set or 1:6 scale set. And if […]

How to Make Dollhouse Cereal

The mice and I don’t want your dolls waking up hungry, so we’ve created a new mold for making tiny cereal in the style of Froot Loops and Cheerios. Here I’ll be showing how to make Froot Loops, but you can swap out a light tan clay if you’re making Cheerios. Want to buy the […]

Making Dollhouse Easter Baskets [free printable]

The mice and I are getting ready for Easter, and we have some adorable treats for you! First off, I’ve made a chocolate bunny mold, perfect for tucking into itty-bitty Easter baskets. You can get the mold on its own here, or save 15% when you purchase it as part of a mold bundle: Set […]

Itty Bitty Confetti is out!

The mice and I have created a brand new tutorial for you, and it’s loaded with rainbow sprinkles. 40 full-color pages, packed with step-by-step instructions for cute dollhouse projects, like luscious cinnamon rolls with pretty pastel sprinkles and extra-moist Funfetti cake with pillowy buttercream frosting. Yum! One-of-a-kind minis for your collection I also have hand-sculpted […]

Looking back at 10 years of tiny food

Every once in awhile, I enjoy poring through old tiny-food folders, finding cute photos I’d completely forgotten. Today, I want to walk down memory lane with a Valentine’s Day twist. But, being the new year and all, I’m also feeling reflective about The Mouse Market as a whole. It’s interesting to see how my business […]

Behind the scenes: How I make my tiny cookie molds

One of my favorite things to make is dollhouse sugar cookie cookie molds, and today, I want to show you what goes into them… First off, I do a search for real (i.e. edible) cookie inspiration, and this is where it’s realllly easy to fall into a Pinterest hole. It’s just too fun! (Btw, you […]

September 28, 2021 Uncategorized

Free Tutorial: Miniature Halloween Frosted Animal Cookies

These frosted cookies are fun and easy to make, and you can mix up your frosting and sprinkles colors however you like! Prefer to get the already made cookies? I have one only set in each scale, in both Halloween and pink/white circus animals: Halloween cookie set in 1:6 scale Halloween cookie set in 1:12 […]

September 22, 2021 Uncategorized

A Tiny Food (Virtual) Garage Sale!

Every few years, I’ll suddenly realize that I have too much tiny food hidden away in drawers that I’ve never listed in my shop. And one of my favorite ways to clear out space + make room for future pieces is with a virtual garage sale! All items are heavily discounted–up to 75% OFF! There’s […]

September 14, 2021 Uncategorized
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