One thing I’ve been enjoying during stay-at-home is organizing the heck out of everything, and this weekend, I went through my giant (messy) stash of decorative papers looking for Mother’s Day card inspiration.

The end result?

Tiny nesting cards in pretty paper envelopes. They’re super cute, so I thought I’d share the love with some photos…

The original inspiration came from an Easter card my mom sent me. The little round chicks are just too much!

Artwork by Michelle Breen

I cut out little squares of watercolor paper in small, medium, and large, and used watercolor pencils to recreate the card’s chicks in various poses of cuteness.

Then I used this petal envelope template (#6 on the list), resized to fit my three different chick cards, to cut out pretty paper envelopes.

The envelopes were sealed with stickers from Pokemon Garden.

The smallest chick was enclosed with a message, and then tucked inside the medium-sized chick’s envelope, which was then tucked inside the largest chick’s envelope.

Hope you’re finding ways to have fun at home, too. Be well!