One of my favorite things to make is dollhouse sugar cookie cookie molds, and today, I want to show you what goes into them…

First off, I do a search for real (i.e. edible) cookie inspiration, and this is where it’s realllly easy to fall into a Pinterest hole. It’s just too fun! (Btw, you can see my Pinterest boards here.)

Once I’ve chosen photos to work from, I’ll use them to freehand draw the cookie shapes in my illustrator software before printing them out on card stock.

They then need to be cut out, which can be tricky with all of the tiny details, especially in 1:12 scale, which you can see below on the right. (I don’t want to accidentally snip off a little squirrel tail or a deer leg!)

Using the card stock shapes as a template, I press them onto a rolled-out sheet of polymer clay and carefully cut around the template with an X-acto knife to create the clay design.

At this point, the pieces are usually pretty jaggedy and rough around the edges, so it takes some time to smooth the shape with a needle tool, ball-end tool, and/or my finger to finalize the design.

Then, the clay pieces are baked, cooled, and ready to be cast into molds!

From there, it’s time to use the molds to make tiny cookies so I can photograph and list them in my shop. 🙂