I’ve been working on food jewelry pieces this week, along with one preparation board, and I have some pictures to share with you!

First off, I needed to restock some staples, so I made a pair of cheeseburger earrings and a pair of peanut butter and jelly earrings.



I was still feeling the sandwich vibe, so I decided to make a pair of sub sandwich earrings with turkey and Swiss.

sandwich-earringsI haven’t made cupcakes in awhile, so I sculpted a pair of fudge cupcake earrings with a little sprinkling of gold glitter.

cupcake-earringsAnd, last but not least, I made a lemon poppy seed cake preparation board. I painted the little juicer, a piece I’ve been waiting to use for ages, and assembled everything on a cutting board that also has been waiting in my supply storage for its day to shine. Happy weekend!