A Woodland Mouse Meal

The Nutmegs and I have resumed work on the woodland house. You can see earlier versions of the house when it was first built, and after it got its mossy covering. This week, we built a tiny twig table, complete with a hanging hook for a basket of wildflowers and other forest-foraged goodies. And we […]

Dollhouse Miniatures, Donkeys, and a Mini Food Class!

The past couple of months have been a whirlwind of miniatures and massage therapy school, the latter of which I’ll be finishing up at the end of August–hurrah! I have loads of things to catch you up on, including an in-person class I’ll be teaching this fall, so read on… First off, my husband and […]

Food Props: A Caulk and Styrofoam Cake

I had an opportunity to work on a food prop for Chicago’s The Floating Opera Company’s production of The Quantum Mechanic–super fun! Time was of the essence, and I am totally indebted to this Fake ‘n’ Bake blog post for pointing me in the right direction in terms of supplies and methods. Here’s my shopping […]

June 7, 2016 Miscelleneous

So Much Tiny Ice Cream (and Other Minis)

Now that the weather’s changed, I’ve been on a serious summer kick. Want proof? Lose yourself in my Summer Foods Pinterest board. (Warning: Don’t look at this if you’re hungry!) To kick off summer, I’ve created brand new ice cream earrings and other summer foods, and I currently have one of each that’s ready to […]

Miniature Sushi…and a Spleen

The mice and I have been happily buried in mini food orders, and one was a particularly fun request for detailed sushi platters. On a totally different note, I had to do a project for my Chinese Five Element Theory class in massage school, and since we were given free rein to do anything we […]

Say Hello to the Under-Bed Friends

Welp, this is it! The dream room box headed off to Washington this afternoon, traveling back to the National Building Museum for the Small Stories exhibit. It was so hard to let it go, but I know it’ll love its new home! Before I packed it up, I couldn’t resist adding one more detail, a […]

Download This Solar System Poster – Miniature Freebie

As promised in my last post, I’m giving away the solar system poster I designed for my miniature dream room. You are free to use this poster in your personal projects, and you can also incorporate it into projects intended for sale, but please do not sell the poster on its own, nor give it […]

The Miniature Dream Room Gets Dreamy

Ohboyohboyohboy…the dream room is finished! Ready for a tiny tour? First, though, here are more details about the museum exhibit, which the room will be a part of. If you’ll be in the Washington, D.C. area between May and January, be sure to check it out at the National Building Museum. All right, on to […]

A (Very) Colorful Miniature Room

It’s been a busy month here in the studio, and the mice and I have been dividing our time between filling orders, working on the mossy mouse house, and building a new commission for a museum in D.C., which we’re super excited about. The commission is for a room box with the theme “dream room,” […]

The Woodland Home Gets Mossy

I am obsessed with moss, so I was thrilled to learn that the Nutmegs are, too, and that they want their little woodland retreat to feature plenty of it. For the past week, the mice and I have been busy plastering the exterior and interior walls, adding a polished pebble foundation, and doing a little […]

March 1, 2016 The Nutmeg Family
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