Now that I’m finished with the How to Sculpt Miniature Breakfast Foods book, I need to start restocking the food jewelry pieces my shop, and, inspired by some of the new techniques I developed for the book, I decided to spend some time updating a few of my food jewelry best sellers.

It can be easy to fall into a groove (or perhaps a rut) when making the same pieces again and again, but I decided to train a fresh pair of eyes on them this time.

I thought it might be fun to see a little comparison of how my pieces have changed over the years, and hopefully this will give you permission to cut yourself some slack in your own projects, because we all have to start out somewhere! ๐Ÿ™‚

My red velvet cake crumbs are more realistic and moist-looking, the color is more true to life, and I let crumbs get caught in the frosting, rather than striving for an unnatural perfection.



NOW (You can get these earrings here.)

DSC07693My old burgers were…well, not very good. The colors and textures aren’t very realistic and everything is overly glossy and “wet.”



NOW (You can get these earrings in dangly and post style.)



Grilled cheese sandwiches now have a more mottled coloring and realistic-looking bread.


grilledCheese3NOW (You can get these earrings here.)

grilled-cheese-earringsPerhaps one of the most dramatic changes occurred in my tiny pizza. The cheese, sauce and crust are all more detailed and realistic, and the slices are much messier.


pepPizzaEarNOW (You can get these earrings here.)


Pizza–maybe this should be included in a future tutorial. What do you think?