The tiny woodland house is done! And so is my latest tutorial book detailing how to make the house, the furniture and accessories, and the forest feast.

Get your copy here: A Tiny Woodland Mouse House

I also have a brand new mini food mold for making dollhouse raspberries and blackberries. Get the berry mold here.

woodland mouse housewoodland mouse house

And my favorite part, of course: tiny food!

cake cakeBerries chickenFerns eggsToast pawpaw quailEggs

More pics of the house, just in case you’re considering moving in and want to start planning your decor…

aerial family herbRack houseOpen mamaPapa mira

Ready to make your own? Download your copy of A Tiny Woodland Mouse House.

This house would also be perfect for a Halloween witch’s hut (just picture it decorated with tiny pumpkins and bats!), a magical medicine woman’s forest abode, an adorable bear’s house, a fairy home, and because it’s so much fun to say, a gnome home.

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And now…time to dig into that delicious forest feast. 😉