I’ve been working on a fun little project this month, making one of the three pieces that I’ll be creating for a local art exhibit taking place early next year. I had free reign to create whatever I wanted, the only constraint being that I had to find my inspiration while floating in a sensory deprivation tank. (Which, by the way, if you haven’t tried floating yet, it’s amazing.)

What came up was…Baba Yaga, the enigmatic figure from Slavic folklore who lives in a hut that, conveniently enough, is self-propelled thanks to a giant pair of chicken feet.

And now, picture time! I’m nearly done with the project, just a few more details to add here and there, but this is what I’ve created so far.

There’s a tiny opening in the back of the hut, just large enough to slip a battery-operated votive inside the back of the fireplace. I might need to make some adjustments and somehow get brighter lights in there, because the votive doesn’t provide enough illumination to see the tiny scene inside.

More pics to come!