Want to see what my studio looks like when I’m setting up a tiny photo shoot?


Miniature Christmas Photo Shoot

Every year, I seem to run out of time when it comes to making all of the cute holiday miniatures I have planned…

…so this year, I’m starting early.

There’s a good chance that these will be the only ones of the following pieces I’ll be making, so if you have your eye on something, please don’t wait!

First up, little boxes of glittery ornaments.

I just love these!

Dollhouse Miniature Ornaments for Christmas

They ended up being pretty darn time intensive, but I really wanted to get the details just right.

I have only three sets available: Classic Christmas Pastels, Vibrant Jewel Tones, and Christmas Reds and Greens.

Dollhouse Christmas Ornaments in Jewel Tones
Dollhouse Miniature Ornaments in Christmas Pastels
Dollhouse Miniature Christmas Ornaments in Reds and Greens

Want to make your own ornaments? Find the how-to and box printable here.

Next up, tiny Christmas Putz-style houses!

I seriously cannot keep from smiling every time I so much as glance at these sparkly, little houses.

I only have one set available, so if you want to make your own, get the how-to and printables in my eBook, Dollhouse Miniature Christmas Room.

And if you really want to complete your dollhouse holiday collection, you can get the entire Christmas room with tons of rearrangeable accessories at a serious discount here. (Only one available.)

And then, a collection of adorable cookie tins with nutcrackers.

These sold out in a hot minute last year, so grab your favorites while they’re here.

The tins have removable lids so you can fill them with all kinds of cookies and sweets–yummmm.

Each set is different (click on photos to go to the listing).

Set A
Set B
Set C
Set D
Set E

Speaking of Christmas cookies…

I have one set of pretty pastel sugar cookies; each one was carefully iced with a needle tool.

The set comes with a metal cookie sheet and two adorable snowperson paper plates, and the cookies aren’t glued down so you can rearrange them to your heart’s content (one of my favorite dollhouse activities).

P.S. I also have new Christmas cookie cutters: Santa, Christmas tree, and a set with snowperson and angel.

And finally, don’t forget the (mini) gift wrap.

This adorable set comes with two rolls of pretty patterned paper, the world’s tiniest scissors, and two cheery green gift bags that you can fill to the brim with cute Christmas minis!

P.S. Lots of minis back in stock

As I write this, I’ve just restocked on a bunch of dollhouse accessories for your mini projects. Get ’em while they’re still here…

Everything from measuring spoons, cookie sheets and cookie cutters, whisks, and candy jars

…to cake stands (only one of each in stock), roasting pans for Thanksgiving, cutting boards, mixing bowl sets, and so much more.

Have fun!