For some reason, the mice and I have been in a serious Christmas mood this week.

We’re talking cranking up the Christmas jazz (sorry, husband!), drinking hot chocolate, and obsessing over Christmas miniatures.

Here’s the vibe in my studio right now:

Dollhouse Miniatures for Christmas

The little ball ornaments (still awaiting their glittering in the above video) are something I’ve been wanting to make for quite awhile.

I made three sets, which, if they’re still available, you can find here.

dollhouse miniature christmas

How to make the Christmas ornaments:

First, I sculpted the balls out of colored polymer clay, choosing colors that were close to the glitter I planned to use, to help camouflage any accidental gaps in the glitter.

Then, I used silver polymer clay, rolled out into a snake and cut into shorter bits, to create the “caps.”

I pressed these caps onto the clay ball, and then I used the side of a needle tool to press lines along the edge for texture. (This also helped anchor the cap to the ornament.)

I used thin wire, bent into little loops with needle-nose pliers, for the hanging bit.

It was easier to work with a longer length of wire, bend the end into a tiny loop, and then clip that loop off with wire cutter, as opposed to trying to bend a super short length of wire.

I used the pliers to insert the loop into the raw clay of the silver cap.

The silver clay wasn’t quite as silvery as I’d hoped, so I dusted the raw clay with metallic FIMO power before baking the ornament. (Unfortunately, I’m not sure where to get this powder in the US; my bottle is from waaaaay back in high school, believe it or not.)

From there, it was time to glitter!

I used a dry paint brush to coat the ball with Mod Podge, sprinkled with glitter and allowed the glue to dry completely, and then I used spray fixative to keep the glitter from rubbing off.

Glittery Dollhouse Christmas Ornaments

The little boxes are made from printed cardstock and little plastic windows cut out of a piece of leftover packaging.

I filled the boxes with thin strips of paper I cut from an old paper bag (one of the thinner ones you sometimes get when you buy greeting cards).

Download the free box printable here.