The mice and I have been mini making fiends, filling a mountain o’ holiday orders, working on the upcoming tutorial book, and creating art for an exhibit taking place in the spring (and I’ll share more details on the exhibit once I have them!). Today, I want to share some pics from the exhibit piece.

Remember the Baba Yaga hut? Well, this new piece is part of the same exhibit. I have one piece left to create, and you can be sure that I’ll share plenty of pics once it’s ready. But for now…[drumroll, please]…say hello to the Magical Hedgehog Tree!

The base of the piece is a wooden tray, inside of which is an egg carton filled with sycamore seed ball hedgehogs.

At the rear of the tray is a mossy, rocky area where the twig tree is anchored, and hanging from the tree are the hedgehogs. 🙂

Here’s a so-so shot of the entire piece. My set-up is much better suited to photographing teeny foods, that’s for sure! 😉

In an upcoming post, I’ll share how to make the sycamore seed ball hedgehogs, an updated tutorial from an earlier version. I like the new ones much better!