Wish you were going back to school to learn how to make miniature food? Well, now you can! (I’m not offering mini food degrees…yet.)

Learn how to sculpt hyper realistic foods and save 20% during my Get Schooled Sale. Use coupon code MINISCHOOL between now and midnight, September 19, 2015 to get your discount. 

This coupon is valid on any of my individual titles, and you can also use it on my already discounted boxed sets to multiply your savings. I even have a super duper awesome collection of ALL of my tutorials: The Ultimate Collection. That’s twenty-three books of mini making fun–woo hoo!

Here’s a tiny tour of all my tutorial books

How to sculpt miniature Halloween treats tutorial book

How to Sculpt Miniature Halloween Treats

sculpting dollhouse miniature pumpkins tutorial

A Miniature Pumpkin-Carving Scene

sculpting miniature holiday foods tutorial

How to Sculpt Miniature Holiday Foods

how to sculpt miniature italian foods from polymer clay

How to Sculpt Miniature Italian Foods

how to sculpt miniature food tutorial

Dollhouse Miniature Summer Food: Leftovers Edition

how to sculpt polymer clay summer food

How to Sculpt Miniature Summer Foods

how to sculpt miniature sandwiches

How to Sculpt Miniature Sandwiches (and side dishes!)

diy dollhouse miniature foods

Dollhouse Miniature Carnival Foods

sculpting miniature food, mexican

Dollhouse Miniature Mexican Food

dollhouse miniature tea party tutorial

Dollhouse Miniature Tea Party Foods

how to make dollhouse miniature pizza

Building a Miniature Pizza Parlor Diorama

how to make a miniature bakery

Building a Miniature Ice Cream Parlor and Bakery

how to make miniature food

Dollhouse Miniature Cheesy Foods

how to make polymer clay cookies

How to Sculpt Polymer Clay Cookies

how to make polymer clay foods

How to Sculpt Polymer Clay Breakfast Foods

how to miniature sweets

How to Sculpt Polymer Clay Bakery Treats

dollhouse miniature cookies tutorial

12 Days of Christmas Cookies


12 Days of Christmas Decorations


Dollhouse Miniature Easter Foods


Decorated Easter Cookies


Dollhouse Miniature Valentine’s Day Foods


Dollhouse Miniature Caramel Apples


Dollhouse Miniature Stationery Set

Don’t forget to use coupon code MINISCHOOL before midnight (CST) this Saturday (9/19) to save 20% on all of my miniature food tutorials. And be sure to check out my already discounted boxed sets, including The Ultimate Collection, which includes every single title listed here!