While it might seem as if I’ve fallen into a very large hole in the earth, your tutorial requests are still coming along!

Since last we (blog) spoke, I’ve signed up to do a handful of projects for American Miniaturist this year, and I have some other projects underway as well, so to ensure that you’re not waiting ten billion years for the mini-food projects you’ve requested, I’m going to do a little something different. While the original project was going to take the form of one large tutorial book, instead I’ll be releasing a string of shorter (and less expensive–yay!) books throughout the year, incorporating your tutorial requests with my other projects.

To kick things off, I’m working on a new Cooking School series eBook of beautiful food platters, like the crudité plate below (based on this glorious real-food platter from Half Baked Harvest). You’ll be able to make the platters as a whole, or use the instructions for individual elements, like tomatoes, tempura, cheeses, etc. for other projects you’re working on. Fun, fun!

And if you’re curious about my non-mini life, a bit of fun news: my first book, Living Reiki, will be published in January 2019 (Llewellyn Worldwide). This book is connected to my other business, Life Alchemy Massage Therapy, which I opened a couple years ago. (These days, I get to split my work hours between minis and massage. :))

Your Mini Food Projects

Now before you go, if you submitted tutorial requests (thank you, by the way!), I’ve put together a list of some of my current books where you can find these projects. So if you’re ready to start making pronto, check it out…

You can find cole slaw, potato salad, cantaloupe, grapes, shrimp, a variety of salads, cocktails and other drinks, fried chicken, steaks with sides, and more in my Summer Foods eBook. (You can also find half-eaten fried chicken in Summer Foods: Leftovers Edition.)

Find popcorn, cake, and one style of pizza in my Valentine’s Day eBook. (Other pizza styles can be found in Italian Foods and Pizza Parlor. Pizza Parlor also contains instructions for cups of soda.)

Pies and fruit cobblers (and a whole host of other tasty desserts) can be found in Bakery Treats.

Spaghetti and meatballs (plus tons of other pasta dishes) is outlined in Italian Foods.

Find soft serve ice cream in Carnival Foods.

Thanksgiving turkey can be found in two styles: whole turkey (Holiday Foods) and braised in a pot (Thanksgiving Foods).

Soups, both thick and clear ‘n’ brothy, can be found in my Sandwiches eBook.

Happy mini making!