While we work, the mice and I often have movies playing in the background, and yesterday ended up being a Tinkerbell day. A friend had recommended one of the new Tinkerbell movies, and now I can see why. The movies take place in Pixie Hollow, which is filled with tiny fairy houses and the most adorable, round-faced little animals ever. Even the bugs are too cute for words.

All of this colorful cuteness had the mice and I in the mood for brightly colored foods, so we decided to make new styles of cake earrings and dollhouse cake, to go along with all of the new miniature paper plates we’d just finished.

First up, a trio of cake slices with cute paper plates.

Dollhouse miniature ombre cake slice in 1/12 scale by The Mouse Market Polymer clay cake in one inch scale by The Mouse Market

And now for the wearable cake. Here’s a luscious pair of blue ombre cake earrings.

Blue ombre cake earrings by The Mouse Market

Next up, strawberry cake earrings with rainbow sprinkles.

Strawberry cake earrings by The Mouse Market

And last but not least, hot pink cake earrings with aqua blue buttercream and rainbow sprinkles.

Hot pink cake earrings by The Mouse Market

The perfect accessories for your next visit to Pixie Hollow. 😉