This summer has been flying by, hasn’t it? The mice and I have been up to our ears in tiny food (and other projects), and the new tutorial eBook is finally done. I’ve incorporated a number of your project requests, including lettuce for making realistic salads.

One note about this book before I set you loose on the cute food photos: You can mix and match all of the platter components, combining them in new ways to create dishes of your own design. So think of the platter arrangements as a mere suggestion, and let your imagination run wild!

A few ideas:

  • Combine the bagels with some of the savory platter foods to create a trendy bagel/brunch buffet.
  • Make little boxes and package an assortment of crackers, salami, olives, etc. for Harry & David-style food gifts in miniature.
  • Tuck them into a tiny picnic basket for dollhouse dining al fresco.

Ready to start sculpting? Download your copy of Pretty Platters here. Have fun!

Download your copy here!

More fun tutorial news: Your future self will be able to make this tiny school lunch with a tutorial in the September 2018 issue of American Miniaturist!