Every few years, I’ll suddenly realize that I have too much tiny food hidden away in drawers that I’ve never listed in my shop.

And one of my favorite ways to clear out space + make room for future pieces is with a virtual garage sale!

All items are heavily discounted–up to 75% OFF!

There’s only one of each available, and once they’re gone, I won’t be making them again at this low price.

Update: All but two items have sold out. I’ve rearranged the page and put them right below so you’re not scrolling for a million years. πŸ™‚

Set B: Four ice cream sundae rings in different “flavors” (rings are adjustable)

Choose your set

Holiday minis:

Set A: Christmas gifts (3 hand-painted dolls, 3 hand-painted animal toys, pair of roller skates, advent calendar, rocking horse)

Choose your set

Everything beyond this point has sold out, but you’re welcome to scroll through the pics if you like looking at tiny stuff as much as I do. πŸ™‚

First up, 1:6 scale cookie sets:

Use the PayPal button below to select which set you’d like. ALL SETS SOLD OUT

All of these cookies are in 1:6 scale.

Next up, 1:12 scale sweets and savories:

More detailed images of each…

Scroll down to find the PayPal button for these items. ALL HAVE SOLD OUT

And next, colorful food jewelry!

Scroll down to find the PayPal button for these jewelry pieces.

Set A: 3 pop tart rings in mint chocolate, cookies ‘n’ cream, and strawberry milkshake (rings are adjustable) SOLD OUT

Set C: Sprinkles deluxe donut ring (adjustable) and strawberry donut keychain SOLD OUT

One more colorful food jewelry set:

All three pairs pictured above: SOLD OUT

Last batch of tasty food jewelry:

Scroll down to find the PayPal button for these yummy sandwiches. ALL SOLD OUT

More detailed images…

A: Bahn mi sandwich (hypoallergenic surgical steel findings) SOLD OUT

B: Beef on weck (hypoallergenic surgical steel findings) SOLD OUT

C: Chicken spiedie (hypoallergenic surgical steel findings) SOLD OUT

Set B: gift wrap (two colorful rolls of gift wrap, a third roll in the process of being wrapped around a book, and a pair of non-working scissors) SOLD OUT

Set C: Four colorful gift bags stuffed with tissue paper SOLD OUT

Thanks for being part of this year’s tiny garage sale!