Andie’s Specialty Sweets was nice enough to let me use their design for a woodland cake, and here I’ll show you some of the behind-the-scenes as I sculpted this detailed dollhouse miniature cake from start to finish.

To begin, I used chocolate brown and white clay to create the roll cake base. (Learn how to make your own buche de Noel roll cake in this tutorial.) This was covered with chocolate polymer clay frosting, and I set the cake aside while I prepared the numerous woodland decorations.


For some I used molds, like this leaf mold, while others, such as the mushrooms and ladybugs, were sculpted by hand. The red and white mushrooms, for example, were attached and baked to a white strip of clay to make them easier to handle, and once the clay had been baked and cooled, I simply detached the mushrooms with a sharp blade.


Once all of my decorations were complete, I arranged them on the unbaked cake, sprinkling chopped green clay in spots for the moss. The finished cake was glued to a little tray that was also made from polymer clay.




Here’s an image of the finished cake, after I brushed varnish on the frosting portions.